Terms & Conditions

Last Updated on Jan 05, 2021


Master Livery Service is a cashless experience company and charges fare without the inconvenience of hidden fees. We are more than pleased to impart our services to you in accordance with the arranged terms and conditions. Please read this agreement with care and understanding before using the service. Should you wish not to accept the said terms and conditions, do not use the website nor the service. Should you make use of this web site and/or the service, you openly agree with our terms and conditions without restriction- and override all other agreements made between you and masterliveryservices.com.

Rate Policy

  • 20% Gratuity is always included in the fare
  • 7% Admin fee and STC (Standard Transportation Charge) is already included in the fare
  • 5% Fuel surcharge for every reservation

(STC is a surcharge based upon various overhead expense item some of which may not relate to the specific trip)

  • $ 40 Holidays
  • $ 50 fee for airport meet and greet
  • $ 20 additional fee will apply to all stops on route plus wait time.
  • $20 additional fee for pick ups between 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM
  • Two-way tolls, airport, and parking fees may apply.

Please e-sign your Credit Card Authorization Form at your earlier convenience. Thank you for your business.

Hourly Service Policy

  • For hourly service, we could cater 25 miles radius from the pick-up location. If more than the said miles, it will be calculated as a transfer.

Chauffeur Gratuity Policy

It is already established that a gratuity will be given to the chauffeur for services rendered. We commend a 20% gratuity that will be paid entirely to the chauffeur. The said gratuity charge is added to your total amount, except if there is a different arrangement. Chauffeur gratuity is at your absolute discretion and always in line with your satisfaction with the service given by the chauffeur. Amount flexibility is possible, ranging from 10-20% on the sedan and SUV reservations. Chauffeurs understand that they should provide only the best service to our clients and their guests to be worthy of the gratuity earned.

Child Safety Seats:

Master Livery Service does not have child seats. Passengers should be the ones to provide and install their car seats following state and federal laws.

Deposit Policy:

For Sedan, SUV, Stretch Limousines, Vans, Minibuses, and Sprinters, Motor-coaches, we require a 30% deposit upon booking. We will not consider a booking if the deposit is not collected. If you cancel within 24 hours upon booking, your 30% will be refunded. If you cancel more than 24hrs after you booked, we cannot refund the 30% but instead it will stay as a credit with us for you to use on your future trips. Chargebacks from the issuing bank should be based on the above policies.

Additional Terms

Events Services (Limousines, Vans, Minibuses, Motor-coaches, and/or Black Cars). All Event Services vehicle types will be billed at the prevailing MLS hourly rate. Clients are billed from the time personnel and/or vehicles leave the MLS facility until the time it returns to the MLS facility. All Reservations that are billed on an hourly basis and Clients will be billed a minimum of thirty (30) minutes travel time each way plus the time the passenger(s) are in the vehicle. Fractions of an hour are rounded to the next half-hour.

Master Livery Service and its affiliates or subcontractor shall not be deemed responsible for any lost or misplaces properties or items while on board. We shall not as well be deemed responsible for damages caused by delays, failure to perform in whole or part, the passengers’ obligations connecting to the services due to natural calamities like flood, earthquake, or any weather conditions as well as acts of terrorism, any public authority acts, government or civil disorder, air or ground passenger carrier delays or circumstances beyond our control.

Limousines or Buses

Clients requesting limousines or buses, the following out-of-pocket charges will be itemized on the invoice statement: -Two-Way Tolls -Parking -Airport Fees -Other out-of-pocket charges may include cell phone usage


Master Livery Service allows pets. If the animal weighs more than 15 pounds. we require you to place them in a cage. Smaller pets should be on a leash or inside a case and should not be seated beside the chauffeur for safety.

If you have a service animal, you don’t have to place them in a crate. To make sure that every pet protocol is followed please call our customer care experts at 877-200-1516 for us to check if there is anything else you might need to do depending on the kind of pet and its weight. Rest assured you will be provided with a pet-friendly chauffeur!


  • Waiting Time is $ 7.50 for every 5 minutes
  • Non-airport pickups: after a grace period of 15 minutes elapsed, waiting time will apply.
  • Domestic Arrivals: after 30 minutes grace period elapsed, waiting time will apply.
  • International Arrivals: after 60 minutes grace period elapsed, waiting time will apply.


We require you to send your cancellation request through our email at support@masterliveryservices.com. Over the phone, cancellation is discouraged since we prioritize reservations with our phone lines. Upon cancelling, Master Livery Service will keep the 30% deposit as a credit that you can use for your future trips within 9 months or 270 days.

Instead of canceling your reservations, we highly encourage you to consider rescheduling the trip so you can continuously take advantage of our services and avoid getting charged the full cost due to late cancellation.

  • All SUV and Sedan trips that are canceled within 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up time will be charged the full fare.
  • All no shows will be charged a full fare plus 10 % Admin fee and the wait time.
  • Full charge for cancellations made less than:
  • Stretch limo- 72 hours from the pick-up time
  • Buses – 72 hours from pickup time
  • Coaches & All Other Buses – 72 hours from pickup time
  • Mini Van and Sprinters – 72 hours from pick up time.

For Same Day Booking:

All bookings made less than 24hrs before the trip are pre-paid. The whole amount will be charged upon booking the reservation and is not refundable.

  • Chargebacks from the issuing bank should be based on the above policies.

Last Minute Booking:

All last minute bookings made will be charged upfront and cannot be cancelled. Charges made are non-refundable. 


No show fee will be equivalent to the trip cost plus a 10 % admin fee. Additional wait time will be charged if you fail to show up at your pick up location. Do not leave the designated areas without attempting to contact our customer care experts at 877-200-1516.


Our service is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Should you be dissatisfied, please call us. We will do our best to resolve any issues to your satisfaction.

In very rare situations when we are unable to provide you our company chauffeur for your ride, Master Livery has trusted affiliate companies and partner chauffeurs who can be at your service! When this happens, there will be a referral fee in lieu of the service charge. In this situation, we will make sure that the chauffeur will receive proper compensation for providing the service on our behalf.


Changes are made by calling our office and speaking with customer service, you confirm the original reservation, you will be asked to provide the updated details for your reservation. If you are changing on short notice, we will do our best to accommodate your request. If we are unable to accommodate your request due to availability, you can keep the original reservation or email us at support@masterliveryservices.com to cancel the reservation.


If booked for a SEDAN: If snowing, for the safety of the chauffeur and the passenger, an upgrade to an SUV is recommended for the trip. Additional costs will apply.


1-No smoking is allowed in the vehicle.

2-Any unusual spill soiling or damage to the vehicle caused by the passenger will result in a 100 up to $300 clean-up fee being charged directly to the credit card on file for the trip.

Chargebacks from the issuing bank should be based on the above policies.

3-No alcohol permitted on the vehicles.

4-No food or drink in the car

5-No alcohol permitted on the vehicle if any minor (under 21 years of age) is present.

6-The company assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage, personal belongings, or any items left in the vehicle.

7-Master Livery representative/chauffeur reserves the right to refuse service to any passenger for any type of gross misconduct

If you did not request a greeter you will need to go to the Limo pick up area. Please follow the directions below:

For BOS Terminal A go to exit door A 102 and walk across two traffic island to meet the driver at the limousine stand.

For BOS Terminal B go to exit door B101 or B113 within the arrivals level and follow the pedestrian crosswalk into the parking garage.

For BOS Terminal C go to the central parking garage at the terminal C cross the app ride

For BOS Terminal E go to exit door 104 and cross two traffic islands to meet your driver in the limousine area.

Please do note some airports does not allow the chauffeurs to meet the passengers at the baggage claim area. Do let us know if you need a greeter for your trip.

The Terms of Services can change anytime:

These policies may change without notice, so we advise you to check this page every now and then. You choosing to book your reservation with us indicates that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions. If you have prior reservations before this policy has been changed, the terms applied should be the one that is active at the time of booking.